Cyber Security Mission
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NanoTech mission is to protect our national cyber space from internal and external threats.


To create and sustain a safer cyberspace to promote National Sustainability, Social Well-being and Wealth Creation. To ensure availability of courses, each college will host one particular research. The different topics that will be conducted are:

  • National Security        

  • Web Application Security        

  • Networking Security       

  • MobileSecurity
  • Malware 

  • IOT
  • Cyber Forensics    

  • Social Engineering

NanoTech will help the deserving students to enroll in the courses as per their wish, even in other colleges. The modus operandi will be a mix of training, hands on practical, advanced research and forensics, depending on interest, merits and attitude of students.

All attempts will be made to inform students about the dangers of misusing the techniques they learn at the research center, and students will have to sign suitable undertakings before being enrolled into the course.

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