How can Call Centers Grow Your Business?
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          Too often this leads to missed sales, irate customers and service cancellations. In situations where immediate assistance is needed, it is important for companies to be able to offer their callers the resource to express their needs and receive an immediate response.A live answering solution offered by NanoTechLive provides an intimate and professional presentation that clients appreciate and are comforted by. Live operators can patch calls to a company representative, account information can be gathered, messages can be taken and even orders can be processed twenty-four hours a day; seven days a week. A company with a reliable means of communication that limits the amount of unanswered calls can be the difference between them and their competitors.


Reason #1  A call center helps cut companies costs and save money

            Hiring a full time receptionist can cause a substantial dent in any company’s budget. Recruiting and training alone are a huge expense when employing in-house representatives and leads to time taken away from the daily responsibilities of Human Resource representatives and managers. On a similar note companies must consider the outflow for health benefits, paid vacation, paid sick days and taxes, in addition to the risk of employee turn-over. In the end, a 40 hours work week will still result in missed calls during after-hours and overflow.Here are just a few budget benefits of a call center vs. full-time employees:


Lowers HR costs i.e. hiring, training, benefits, taxes and turnover


  • Cuts down on management responsibilities
  • Provides potential savings of over $1600 a month
  • No expenses for sick days or vacation


Reason #2 Call centers promote efficiency and productivity.

Not only will NanoTech Live save money but it also offers solutions to companies who need to improve efficiency. Improved efficiency will lead to a much more productive office atmosphere and allow company representatives to maximize their efforts to assist new and existing clients. Company representatives start their workday knowing exactly who they need to speak with and what the client needs before the conversation even takes place.Here are just a few ways a call center solution can increase office productivity:

                                                 Calls are screened and escalated if necessary managers can focus their attention on high priority projects rather than taking calls.

                            Calls are directed to the appropriate company representative; ensuring a quicker turn -  around time.

                            Solicitors are screened so time is not wasted while sales calls need to be made.

                            Cuts negative customer experiences by 35% to 70%.

                            Improves company and employee relationship by 50%.

                            Decreases time spent playing phone tag by 25%.


Reason # 3.    Call Centers Increase Sales

         Smaller companies are often viewed as a liability. Call centers grant the perception of a larger office of 50 or more employees, allowing companies to appear larger than they really are. Larger organizations usually have a receptionist screening company calls. A call center's live operator can give the same feeling without actually being in the office. By appearing larger, a company has a better chance of receiving more clients than ever before.Advertising late at night can also pose a problem if a reliable after-hours call center is not in place. After-hour advertisements can bring in substantial leads but with no one available to take those calls and make that sale, the prospective clients will be forced to contact a different company who can sign them up right away. NanoTech’s live answering operators can make sure that callers are assisted as soon as they initiate contact; promoting higher sales.Twenty-four-hour support can also ensure that emergency calls are received promptly to avoid irate customers and detrimental circumstances.Here are just a few ways a call center can increase company sales and profits:

        Allows companies to present themselves as a larger organization; promoting more sales from clients who hesitate to go with smaller organizations.

                            The more customers, the better chance for marketing exposure.

                            Call center operators help to handle higher calling volume

                            Operators can place orders from the company website ensuring that sales are made no matter what the time of day.

                            Emergency calls are responded to as soon as possible.


Reason #4     Never Miss Another Call

Did you know that most callers will simply hang up and try another number if they are not greeted by a live person? Other than the possibility of lost business, there are many reasons why you should choose an answering service to handle your calls. Think about a time when you have been waiting on an important call. Maybe you were waiting to hear from the bank about that important business loan. Or you possibly could have been waiting to hear from an important client. Whatever the case, NanoTech Live is there for you when you can't afford to miss a call.

NanoTech Live understands that every call is important, that is why we maintain an average 20 second pick up time. With the fastest pick up time in the industry you can rest assured that your calls will be answered. When you choose NanoTech Live you will always have someone available for your customers. Day or night, workday or holiday, no matter where you are.


Reason #5.    Pricing Made Simple.

            NanoTech Live Answering service is easy to sign up for and tremendously affordable. For less than the cost of a phone line and for a fraction of the cost of a receptionist, NanoTech Live Answering services can answer your phones with a live person either 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, after hours, or overflow when your phones are busy. Our  live operators will take messages, enter data into your web form, dispatch calls to you as if you’re in the next office, and more for a flat monthly price.

So how much does it cost? We don’t believe in nickel and diming our customers so our pricing model is very simple. Unlike most live answering services, we DON’T charge you for a la carte fees. You simply pay a flat rate per month for a block of live answering minutes. This includes EVERYTHING you could possibly want us to do for you. Whether it’s taking calls for you and then dispatching them to you in the field, processing your orders or simply taking messages, your price remains one flat rate. Most live answering companies will charge you a low monthly base fee then charge you extra to do simple things like, forward you your messages, charge you a long distance per minute rate once a call have been transferred to you etc. So by the time they have actually done what you need them to do you are paying twice as much. NanoTech pricing made simple makes it easy for you to focus on your day to day operations and know that your customers are being handled with professional care.

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