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The NanoTech Consulting Technology practice offers clients a comprehensive portfolio of e-discovery software, services and consulting support to help them streamline processes that are often reactive and risk-prone. This helps them control the risk and expense of e-discovery events more confidently.

Our team and associates from global professionals and industry leaders includes e-discovery experts, software developers, and forensic specialists who are experienced in many of the largest e-discovery matters of the past decade. We work directly with U.S. corporations and their law firms on the front lines, helping them with challenges such as collection from the cloud, multinational discovery, and e-discovery cost control.

We are also committed to commercial, economic/political and policy consultancy providing services to private and public sectors to achieve and promote their goals in USA in close association with our U.S. Associates. We assist our Bangladesh clients to strategize, develop specific tactics and implement action plans to deliver results in the U.S. marketplace. 

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